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Bill J. Stovall

Founding Attorney

At both the state and federal levels, the Law Offices of Bill J. Stovall are committed to defending persons who have been charged, under investigation, or suspected of crimes. Bill J. Stovall is aware of the difficulty and honor involved in serving as those people’s representative, as well as the potential effects on those people and their families. Our firm is known for providing compassionate, knowledgeable, and creative defense.

Known for his ability to prevail, Bill J. Stovall is a renowned criminal defense attorney in Dallas, Texas. For his clients, Stovall has repeatedly won dismissals, acquittals, and reductions. Clear criminal records for our clients are a priority for us. In other words, Our office will put in the time, effort, and persistence required to give you the best defense possible. Bill J. Stovall, a former prosecutor, has presented innumerable cases to courts and juries. Put his expertise to work for you by developing a strong trial defense or negotiating a fair plea deal.

Dynamic, Versatile, and Professional

Words like passionate, self-assured, smart, and imaginative are frequently used to describe Bill J. Stovall. He approaches every client he serves with a firm hand and rigorous planning. Police officers, pilots of commercial aircraft, corporate executives, scholars, professional athletes, and other lawyers have all been among his clients.

Comprehensive Legal Expertise

All Texas and federal crimes are handled by The Law Offices of Bill J. Stovall, including DWI, DUI, Intoxication Assault, Assault, Family Violence Assault, Aggravated Assault, Possession of Controlled Substances, Delivery of Controlled Substances, Theft, Capital Murder, Murder, Manslaughter, Child Abuse, Sex Crimes, Possession of Marijuana, Kidnapping, Robbery, Burglary, Debit Card/Credit Card Abuse, Fraud, Prostitution, Public Lewdness, Indecent Exposure, Criminal Trespass, Terroristic Threat, Violation of Protective Orders, Resisting Arrest, Assault on a Public Servant, and many more.

White Collar Offenses, Embezzlement, Perjury, Fraud, Money Laundering, Wire Fraud, RICO claims, Bankruptcy, Fraud, Theft, Forgery, Credit Card Fraud, Counterfeiting, Extortion, Internet Fraud and Theft, and Computer Hacking are all handled by Bill J. Stovall’s law firm. Bill J. Stovall’s law firm also deals with drug offenses such as trafficking, possession, distribution, transportation, possession for sale, marijuana manufacturing, and cultivation.

Trusted DWI Attorney in Texas
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